Acrylic Sheet - Class 4 Viewing - 412

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412 is an Acrylic laser filter window offering protection primarily from 190-532 nm and 10,000-11,000 nm lasers. This laser safety window may provide protection from other laser wavelengths not listed. Please see Product Information for additional information about this filter or contact us. Filter specifications can be permanently engraved on the window. Custom sizes and shapes available.



All our laser safety windows meet or exceed the United Stated industry standard ANSI Z136.1, the requirements for use with the appropriate laser systems. For more information onLaser Safety Standards OrganizationsANSI, see here. We are proud to be one of two approved laser safety window providers to the United States Army for "M1 Abrams" or the 3rd generation U.S. tank.







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View Through Laser Window Filter*:

*View Threw Laser Window Filter is a general representation of the visibility through the laser window. The color and transmitted light may vary from what is shown. Please contact us for more information about this laser filter and appropriate viewing conditions was well as wavelengths that may not be visible because of these laser window.

Extra Information

Laser Sheet Category:
Class 4 Acrylic
Laser Category:
Ultraviolet (UV) Laser
Laser Category:
Visible Laser
KTP, Argon 190-532 nm
Copper Vapor 511 nm
Gallium arsenide (GaAs)
Optical Density (OD) Specification:
OD 5+ @ 190-532 nm OD 5+ @ 10,000-11,000 nm