Laser Welding Curtains

Laser welding curtains are designed to block or attenuate the laser radiation, preventing it from escaping the designated work area and reducing the risk of accidental exposure to personnel.

Size and Configuration: Laser welding curtains come in various sizes and configurations to suit different work areas and applications. They can be hung from ceiling tracks or mounted on frames to create a protective barrier around the laser welding station.

Our laser welding panels can be daisy-chained together on wheels enabling you to move the panels around as you need. The panels are connected by one foot and one and half foot dividers enabling you to create corners and folds as needed.  The panel systems can act in a very similar was to a shower curtain with the additive feature of being mobile.


Laser Welding Curtain

Laser welding curtains and barriers play a crucial role in creating a safe working environment when using lasers for welding or lasers for other applications. They are an important component of an overall laser safety program, which includes proper training, the use of personal protective equipment (such as laser welding safety glasses), and adherence to established safety protocols.

Before implementing laser welding curtains, it's important to consult with a laser welding safety expert and follow the guidelines provided by regulatory authorities to ensure the curtains and barriers effectively mitigate the risks associated with laser radiation and welders flash to the area in question.