Buyers Guide | What Frame Should I Select for my Eyewear?

Frame Selection

We have five general options of frames | Videos and CAD drawings are below:

  • Frame 10 - Fit-over | Our best seller for our polycarbonate glasses (100-10-101 through 100-10-146)
  • Frame 35 - Spectacle | Our best seller for Glass and Dielectric-Coated glasses (100-35-200 through 100-35-345)
  • Frame 38 - Sports-Wrap
  • Frame 40 - Aviator
  • Frame 25 - Goggles | Works well with laminated lenses (two lenses glued together)
  • Frame 27/28 - Children's (Pink and Blue) 

Fit-over - Frame 10 

Fit-over Frame

Benefits: Offers a large field of vision. Has side shields for effective eye coverage and protection. Has 1 piece adjustable temples. Fits over prescription glasses and most splash goggles.

The Fit-over 10 Frame is our best-selling frame by a decisive margin - it is typically the most economical solution for labs looking to buy laser eyewear that will fit everyone reducing expense for individual-specific protective eyewear. In almost all situations that are not atypical (for e.g.; fitting eyewear underneath a face shield etc.), this frame is highly recommended when the choice is polycarbonate glasses.


Spectacle - Frame 35

35-Frame Spectacle

Benefits: Fits large heads and faces. Fits over most standard prescription glasses. Pros include high comfort and side-protection with a wide view of vision. This is our second most popular frame and is our best option for Glass and Dielectric-Coated glasses. 

Sports-Wrap - Frame 38

Frame-38 Sports Wrap

Benefits: It close-fits the face giving an overall sleek-sporty look. Fits under most splash goggles and has been used under face shields. It offers good side protection. 



Aviator - Frame 40

Frame 40 - Aviator

Benefits: Least common frame sold. However,  a few customers do like the feel that it provides.



Goggle - Frame 25

Frame-25 Goggle

Benefits: Surrounds very large prescription glasses and offers a close fit. Works well with laminated lenses where two lenses are glued together.

Cons: Most expensive frame in the range. It is also the most pervasive on the face.


Children's Glasses - Frame 27/28

27-Frame Kids Pink28-Frame Kids Blue

Benefits: Works well for children.