Buyers Guide | Laser Safety Signs and Labels

Laser Safety Signs

In the article below, we discuss when signs are necessary, where to post signs, and which laser classifications require signs to adhere to proper laser safety (and ANSI compliant). 

Where should signs and labels be posted?

Proper laser safety says signage must be posted on all entryways leading to controlled laser rooms. They should also be positioned away from moveable objects that could lead to obstruction. They must not only be legible, but also be placed at a safe viewing distance. Additionally, they should be surrounded by sufficient lighting for illumination purposes.

Likewise, labels should be affixed to any devices, products, or emitters that utilize laser radiation. They must be placed in a visible location that cannot be obstructed or overridden by any device panels.

Which laser classifications require signs?

Propert laser safety guidance says signage is required for Class 4, 3B, and 3R lasers, as well as intense pulsed light (IPL) emitters. 

Where to purchase laser safety signs and labels?

We offer numerous laser safety signs and labels on our laser safety signs and labels page. These include class 4, 3B, and 3R laser signage in addition to IPL device or emitter signage. Each sign is ANSI Z136 meeting all required color, verbiage, and sizing requirements.

Laser Safety Sign Chart

We also offer lit (illuminated) frame options for some of our signs as well as a customizable message area:

Illuminated Laser Safety Sign

We offer the option at a small up-charge to have grommets on the any sign you'd like to order:

Laser Safety Sign with Grommets

For inspection, compliance, and safety purposes, having clear and visible laser safety signs and labels is essential. We are available via our contact page for any questions, comments, or concerns that you may have.

When are signs necessary?

Signs are required for facilities and devices that utilize lasers that exceed certain Maximum Permissible Exposure (MPE) limits and meet ANSI specified laser classification levels. These may apply to the following industries:

  • Health care facilities
  • Educational institutions
  • Manufacturing environments
  • Research firms
  • Military agencies
  • And beyond

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