How to Clean and Care for Your Laser Safety Glasses

Clean, properly maintained laser safety equipment—whether glasses, face shields, windows or more—is essential to working safely with lasers.

Damage or disrepair to glasses can reduce their effectiveness and can expose the wearer’s eyes to dangerous levels of laser radiation. Replacing them can be costly and may delay or wholly prevent your ability to safely perform work with lasers. Proper cleaning and storage will help your glasses provide years of reliable laser protection.

Clean Laser Safety Glasses After Each Use

Cleaning your glasses after each use is an important part of protecting your investment. Remove any build-up or residue by handwashing them with a gentle, household cleaner. Pat them gently dry with the included microfiber cloth. Ensure glasses are completely dry before placing them in their case.


  • Hand-wash only
  • Use Windex or a gentle, household cleanser
  • Store them in a hard-backed case
  • Keep stored when not in use


  • Wash with harsh or acidic cleansers or isopropyl alcohol
  • Soak or immerse glasses
  • Use abrasive cloth or paper-based textiles
  • Autoclave or use disinfectant

Properly Store Laser Safety Glasses When Not in Use

Laser Safety Glasses Case

All laser safety glasses purchased from Laser Safety Industries include a microfiber cloth and hard case. When not in use, the laser safety glasses should remain in the hard case. Loose glasses can easily become lost or damaged.

Do not store anything other than glasses in the glasses case. Hard or abrasive objects within the case may scratch or damage the lenses.

Report Damages or Defects of your Laser Safety Glasses to Your Laser Safety Officer

Lens damage such as scratches, scrapes, or scuffs can impair the protection offered by your laser safety glasses.  Visually inspect your glasses before each wear to ensure that the lenses are free from damage. Look to see that the frame fits securely around the lenses. Check the frame for anything that could cause the glasses to slip off during wear, such as cracks or warps to the temple/arms.

Do NOT use Damaged Laser Safety Glasses.

Make note of any damages you see and immediately report it to your Laser Safety Officer or supervisor.

When in doubt, consult with your Laser Safety Officer, email us at or call 1-888-752-7370 to speak directly with our in-house expert.