Low Power Viewing 915

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This laser safety windows offers protection primarily from Class 2 and Class 3 laser systems operating between 428-556 nm. This product is available in custom sizes. Laser windows can be custom cut, molded, and drilled to your CAD specifications for use in enclosures or machine windows. This low level laser safety window may provide protection from other laser wavelengths not listed. Please see Product Information for additional information about this filter or contact us. Filter specifications can be permanently engraved on the window. Custom sizes and shapes available.This laser safety viewing window meets and/or exceed US ANSI Z136 standards for use with lasers.  WARNING: THIS LASER WINDOW IS NOT FOR USE WITH CLASS IV (4) LASER SYSTEMS!




All our laser safety windows meet or exceed the United Stated industry standard ANSI Z136.1, the requirements for use with the appropriate laser systems. For more information onLaser Safety Standards OrganizationsANSI, see here. We are proud to be one of two approved laser safety window providers to the United States Army for "M1 Abrams" or the 3rd generation U.S. tank.







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LSO's (Laser Safety Officer) need to consider working environments, viewing conditions and beam delivery systems when making assessments and determining the correct laser glasses to protect against potentially hazardous laser radiation. Do not operate lasers without correct protective equipment and training. Laser Safety Vieweing Windows are not intended to replace laser protective eyewear (laser glasses or laser goggles) or other laser safety products that maybe required. Contact us or your certified laser safety officer for more information.

Extra Information

Laser Sheet Category:
Low Level
Safety Products:
Laser Windows
Optical Density (OD) Specification:
OD 3+ @ 428-440 nm OD 4+ @ 440-556 nm OD 3+ @ 556-565 nm