Laser Safety Window 205 Glass Class 4 Viewing Nd:YAG Diode Er:YAG Infrared

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205-W Laser Safety Window
205 Glass laser safety window filter was primarily developed for protection from multiple lasers wavelengths: Diode, Nd:YAG, Er:YAG, Ho:YAG, CO2 (980 nm, 1064 nm, 2780 nm, 2100 nm, 2940 nm, 10,600 nm). This laser protective window may provide protection from other laser wavelengths not listed. Please see specifications for additional information about the laser protective filter, or contact us. Filter specifications are permanently engraved. These laser safety window meet and/or exceed US ANSI Z136 standards for use with lasers.

Technical Specifications

Optical Density

OD 5+ @ 950-1,000 nm
OD 7+ @ 1,000-1,600 nm
OD 5+ @ 1,600-2,400 nm
OD 4+ @ 2,400-2,900 nm
OD 5+ @ 2,900-10,600 nm

Visible Light Transmission




LSOs (Laser Safety Officer) need to consider working environments, viewing conditions and beam delivery systems when making assessments and determining the correct laser glasses , goggles, barriers, or windows to protect against potentially hazardous laser radiation. Do not operate lasers without correct protective equipment and training.  All laser safety glasses and goggles are made for indirect viewing only.

Common Laser Applications

Nd:YAG - 1064nm
Eurbium YAG - 2780 nm, 2940 nm
1319 nm
1540 nm
Holmium YAG - 2100 nm
Telecom Lasers

General Region of Laser Protection

ANSI Z136.1

 All our laser glasses meet or exceed the United Stated industry standard ANSI Z136.1, the requirements for use with the appropriate laser systems. For more information on ANSI, see here

More about ANSI Z136.1 and EN207

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