Laser Safety Barrier Custom System

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Technical Specifications

Maximum Irradiance:

Power Protection Assumptions:

Maximum Beam Spot Size 5mm

Maximum Exposure Time: 100s

Metal Specifications

1" Metal tubing with brushed finish to reduce specular reflection. Laser safety curtain and barrier images are general representation of the systems

All barriers are made in a modular capacity with velcro on both ends enabling ease in adding on with a divider we offer as well (comes as part of larger systems).  With the correct hardware, barriers can easily be converted to a curtain as well.  For items that are designed to be wall attached, it comes with adhesive hook velcro; to install simply peel off and stick.

All barriers come with a pocket to hold a laser safety sign (sign included).  Furthermore, in an additional pocket in the top right of the barrier, the specifications will be stated. 

Standard - Portable or Stand-alone

We provide flexible hinges that enable you to link or chain barriers together and rearrange them as needed

Wall Attached

Floor Attached

Window Coverings

Ceiling Attached

Custom Enclosures

We in-house the creation of our systems and therefore can do just about anything you could imagine with our fabric to create systems for your laboratory and other unique situations.

LSOs (Laser Safety Officer) need to consider working environments, viewing conditions and beam delivery systems when making assessments and determining the correct laser glasses , goggles, barriers, or windows to protect against potentially hazardous laser radiation. Do not operate lasers without correct protective equipment and training.  All laser safety glasses and goggles are made for indirect viewing only.

ANSI Z136.1

 All our laser glasses meet or exceed the United Stated industry standard ANSI Z136.1, the requirements for use with the appropriate laser systems.

More about ANSI Z136.1 and EN207

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