Laser Safety Curtains and Barriers

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Laser safety barriers and laser safety curtains systems are ideal for containing a laser to a specific area. Our laser barriers and laser curtains are available in standard and custom configurations. Systems can be customized and designed for your specific application, please drop us a note here and a laser safety expert will be back to you within an hour or feel free to give us a call at 1-888-752-7370 or 952-405-6947.
Standard Laser Barrier and Laser Curtain Protection Levels Include:
|200W | 300W | 2,500W | 10,000W | all measured per centimeter squared with a beam size of 5 mm for 100 seconds.
Possible Configurations: 
Portable or Stand-alone Laser Barrier |
Wall Attached Laser Curtain|
Floor Attached Laser Curtain|
Window Coverings | 
Ceiling Attached |
Custom Enclosures |
Laser Barrier Material:
Laser barrier frames are constructed of durable coated metal tubing. The coating is designed to prevent corrosion and decrease laser reflection.
Laser Safety Curtain

Warning: Laser safety barriers and curtains are not intended to replace laser protective eyewear or other laser safety products and systems. Please consult with your laser safety officer for correct equipment and use.