Buyers Guide | What Frame Should I Select for my Eyewear?

Buyers Guide | What Frame Should I Select for my Eyewear?

Published by The Laser Safety Experts | Laser Safety Industries on Oct 19th 2019

We have five general options of frames | Videos and CAD drawings are below:

  • Frame 10 - Fit-over | Our best seller for our Polycarbonate glasses (100-10-101 through 100-10-146)
  • Frame 35 - Spectacle | Our best seller for Glass and Dielectric Coated glasses (100-35-200 through 100-35-345)  
  • Frame 38 - Sports-Wrap
  • Frame 40 - Aviator
  • Frame 25 - Goggles | Works well with laminated lenses (two lenses glued together)
  • Frame 27/28 - Children's (Pink and Blue) 

Fit-over - Frame 10 

Benefits: Large field of vision; side shields; 1 piece adjustable temples; fits over prescription glasses and most splash goggles.

The Fit-over 10 Frame is our most selling frame by a decisive margin - it is typically the most economical solution for labs looking to buy laser eyewear that will fit everyone and therefore do not need particular eyewear for different individuals. In almost all situations that are not atypical (fitting eyewear underneath a face shield etc.), we typically recommended the fit-over when purchasing Polycarbonate glasses.

Spectacle - Frame 35

Benefits: Fits large heads and faces; Fits over most standard prescription glasses; comfortable; side-protection; wide view of vision.  This is our second most common frame and is our best option for Glass and Dielectric Coated glasses.

Sports-Wrap - Frame 38

Benefits: Close to the face (sleek sports-wrap frame); fits under most splash goggles; has been used under face shields; side protection

Aviator - Frame 40

Benefits: Least common frame sold - some individuals seem to like the feel

Goggle - Frame 25

Benefits: Surrounds very large prescription glasses; closes fit; Works well with laminated lenses (two lenses glued together)

Cons: Most expensive, most pervasive on the face

Children's Glasses - Frame 27/28

Benefits: Works well for children