Laser Face Shield (190-375 nm, 820-1080 nm)

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Color: Green
Visibility: 42%
OD Specifications: OD 5+ @ 190-375 nm
OD 4+ @ 820-1090 nm
OD 6+ @ 1064 nm

Laser Safety Industries' adjustable laser face shields is designed for laser protection to the face and eyes for jobs that require more protection coverage than laser glasses or laser goggles offer. The face shield features a ratchet adjustable nape strap for a custom fit. Constructed from durable nylon. Pivoting action allows user to lift face shield while wearing.

ANSI LogoThe Laser Safety Face Shields meet and/or exceed US ANSI Z136 standards for use with the appropriate laser systems.

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Extra Information

Safety Products:
Face Shields
Optical Density (OD) Specification:

OD 5+ @ 190-375 nm
OD 4+ @ 820-1,090 nm
OD 6+ @ 1,064 nm