Laser Safety Labels

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Laser Safety Signs, or Laser Warning Signs keep people informed of a laser hazard. Choose from standard or custom laser safety signs and labels. Signs and labels meet both ANSI Z136 and 535.4 guidelines.

Our selection of ANSI compliant signs and labels include:

Class 3B Signs and Labels | Class 3R Signs and Labels | Class 4 Signs and Labels (Standard and Custom, as well as a Lit Frame option) | Intense Pulse Light ("IPL") Danger Sign and Label 

lasersafetysignthumbnail.jpgOur laser safety signs and labels buyer's guide, see here

ansillogo.jpg All our laser safety signs meet the United Stated industry standard ANSI Z136.1.  For more about,  Laser Safety Standards: ANSI vs CE - What's the Difference?ANSI Z136, see here