Polycarbonate European Conformity ("CE") Laser Glasses

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pdf iconSpecification Sheet  - Laser Safety Glasses Filter 126

100-10-126 is an ultra-light-weight comfortable frame with a double coated scratch-resistant polycarbonate laser filter. The fit-over-prescription style frame offers universal fit with wide field of view. Lens has superior optical clarity with virtually no distortion to reduce eye fatigue. It is ideal for use in most laser applications and comfortable for long periods of wear. 126 laser filter offers protection from Nd:YAG lasers (1064 nm) and Diode (980 nm). Please see Technical Specs for additional information about the frame and the filter or contact us. 100-10-126 is Available with ANSI markings. Filter specifications are permanently engraved.

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126 Laser Protective Filter
CE EN 207 Specifications:
D 980 nm L6
I, R 980 nm L7
D 1064 nm L6
I, R 1064 nm L7
D, I, R are marks indicating compliance with CE EN 207. Please see EN 207 for more information about these protection levels or contact us.
VLT: The attenuation of light by a filter in the visible spectrum. VLT is determined in relation to standard illumination and evaluated according to the daylight-adapted (photopic) or night-adapted (scotopic) conditions descriped more in the ANSI Z136.7 for Testing and Labeling of Laser Protective Equipment. The lower the VLT, the less "visible" light is transmitted. Laser glasses may affect the ability to see warning lights/signs or distinguis between colors.
View Through Laser Glasses Filter*:
ndyag fitover laser glasses filter view 1064 nm
*View Through Laser Glasses Filter is a general representation of the visibility through the laser glasses. The color and transmitted light may vary from what is shown. Please contact us for more information about this laser filter and appropriate viewing conditions was well as wavelengths that may not be visible because of these laser glasses.
LSOs (Laser Safety Officer) need to consider working environments, viewing conditions and beam delivery systems when making assessments and determining the correct laser glasses , goggles, barriers, or windows to protect against potentially hazardous laser radiation. Do not operate lasers without correct protective equipment and training.

Extra Information

Safety Products:
Glasses and Goggles
European Conformity (CE):
CE Marked
Nd:YAG - 1064nm
Diode Laser:
Diode 980 nm
CE Specifications:

D 980 nm L6
I, R 980 nm L7
D 1,064 nm L6
I, R 1,064 nm L7