About Us

Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Focused on You

We serve as one of three laser safety manufacturing companies in the United States. We provide laser safety products to leading academic institutions, government and military entities worldwide (one of two approved laser safety window providers to the United States Army for "M1 Abrams" or the 3rd generation U.S. tank), and private industries internationally including several aerospace and space exploration companies located in Silicon Valley and high-tech worldwide.

We are committed to providing the best service possible. Feel free to call us to talk to a laser safety expert – no routing or nonsense. We will answer the phone and tailor a solution for your lab, manufacturing facility, or business needs. Please give us a call with any questions at 1-888-752-7370 or 952-405-6947.

The owner, Keith, has been in the laser business for 30+ years, a founder of both Laser Peripherals in the late 80's (now owned by LP Sugical Fibers), and Trinity Technologies in the '90s (acquired by UVEX in '06 and operates under the name Laser Vision USA). Keith began his career at what is now Boston Medical Center, a leading research institution in lasers both then as well as today.

Technology at Our Core
We embrace technology in every part of our operations to drive efficiency for our clients.  This commitment goes beyond our manufacturing facilty, sitting at the center of our fulfillment process.
#1 Custom Tailor of Laser Safety Solutions

We are the leading provider of custom solutions working with specialty construction companies for different domains as well as directly with end users in the construction and conversion of research labs, medical facilities, manufacturing, aerospace, and defense. We work hand-in-hand with Laser Safety Officers to provide additional documentation and unique certification needed for custom solutions.